Sponsorships include in booth and out
of booth opportunities at Zno's official
conference booth held at WPPI and Imaging
USA. We also do sponsorships for other
conferences, workshops, retreats and events.
We're always looking for aspiring
photographers who love Zno and who have a
passion for representing the Zno brand.
Sponsorships Types
In Booth Sponsorship
Zno exhibits at WPPI and Imaging USA. If you're a professional
photographer who loves talking about your passion for Zno
print products and software then In-Booth Presentations are
right up your alley. The ideal candidate is someone who is already
visiting WPPI or Imaging USA or someone who's interrested in
visiting these conferences. Ideally you should be comfortable with
giving presentations on Zno's software suite, which includes Zno
Designer, Zno Gallery and Zno Slideshow. It's also helpful if you
can spend time in-booth with other photographers like you to
talk chat about why you love Zno!
Out Of Booth Sponsorship
If you already plan to host classes at WPPI or Imaging USA and you
would love to talk about Zno's products in your class then you have
an opportunity to be sponsored.
Workshops, Retreats, Other Conferences
If you plan to host or attend a workshop, retreat or other
conference and are looking for special offers for your
attendees then you have an opportunity to be sponsored.