Zno Designer™


Album Designer

Zno Designer™ is Zno’s cloud-based designer for albums, books,
wall arts, prints, calendars, cards and more. You can design, order,
and print 100% of Zno’s products free through the Zno Designer™
free plan. With premium paid plans you have access to additional
features such as exporting albums designs to third party labs.

Work From The Cloud
Not From Your Desktop

A good tool is only as good as it’s weakest link. And the weakest link
of desktop designers is just that. Anything on the desktop requires
installation, updates and local file management.
graphic showing comparison between zno designer and fundy album designer and pixellu smart albums


Smart layout, complete album
design in 5 minutes.
Huge template selection.
Full creative control.
graphic showing how easy it is to use zno designer interface

Pre-Designed Themes

With pre-designed album themes at your fingertips, you'll find incredible themes for every
album: wedding, newborn & maternity, boudoir, family, seniors, quinceañeras and pets.
Easily create designs that wow your clients.
graphic showing a variety of themes in zno designer

Online Proofing

Send online album proofs.
Get precision client feedback.
Unlimited proofs.
graphic of giving comments to a designed album spread

Export Album Designs
To Third Party Labs

With Zno Designer™ you can design and directly order from Zno Lab™. You can also design
and export album designs for any lab in the world. We want to provide you the tools to
fulfill your albums wherever you want even if that’s with another lab.
iauto classic preset is used to edit family photos
iauto details preset is used to edit portraits
iauto color preset is used to edit wedding photos
vivid preset is used to edit outdoor lanscapes
beautify preset is used to beautify faces

Easily Retouch Photos
Within Zno Designer™

In addition to using Zno Retoucher™ as a sole app, you can access Zno Retoucher™ right
from Zno Designer™. So you never need to jump back to a photo editor when you are
designing your projects. Start for free with Zno Retoucher™ Free Starter Credit Pack. This
includes 50 credits. Additional credits can be purchased at any time.
graphic of 5 pictures that show how they look before and after an editing preset is applied
graphic of 5 pictures that show how they look before and after an editing preset is applied

Zno Album Design Service

Want us to design an album for you? No problem. The Zno Album Design
Service integrates directly with Zno Designer™.

Not All Tools

Are Created Equal

Get Started with Zno Software Support
Visit Zno Software Support for an introduction to the app and find answers to some
commonly asked questions. Watch the short tutorial videos to learn how to use the
software and help you quickly get started.