Zno Lightroom Plugin
Uploading Photos Made Easy
Uploading and organizing your photos in Zno just got easier. Download one of our tools below to simplify the upload process and
be more efficient.
Lightroom Plugin
Download the Zno Lightroom Plugin to upload your photos directly from Lightroom Classic to Zno. Easy way to sync and manage your photos.
1. Download the Zip file
2. Extract _ zno.irplugin_ and move the extracted file to a safe location where it won't be deleted.
3. Open Light Room Classic and click File > Plug-in Manager > Add
4. Navigate to the zno.irplugin folder and click "Select Folder"
5. You will see ZNO pop up as an enabled plug-in. Click "Done"
The plugin is now installed. To use it, open "Publish Service" and put your login information of Zno in "Lightroom Publishing Manager". Then create a collection in Zno Publish Service. Prepare your image to the collection and click on the "Publish" button.
A subscription to Zno Gallery is required to use this plugin.